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Re-orientation Training Programme
A Re-orientation Training Programme in the subject of Munafe-ul-Aza was organized at Z.V.M.Unani Medical College and Hospital in association with Dept of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi from 20th October 2008 to 25th October 2008.
The programme was inaugurated by Dr Sayed Asad Pasha, Deputy Advisor (Unani Faculty) Dept of AYUSH,New Delhi and the  Guest of Honour  was Dr.Shaikh Yusuf,Assistant Director of Ayuerveda,Pune.Hon’ble P.A.Inamdar,President MMERC presided over the function.
The Programme began with recitation of Holy Quran by Dr Ahmed.Dr.Mushtaque Mukadam, Member CCIM, Member of MMERC and Medical Director of ZVM General Hospital welcome the guest and gave a brief introduction of the College.Dr Asad Pasha in his speech stressed the need of higher qualification in staff. He stated that the staff must update their knowledge and acquire higher qualification. He also stressed the need for more ROTP programmes at Z.V.M.Unani Medical College to enable the Institute to upgrade the staff of other departments along with other colleges from South India as funds for these programme were available from Dept of AYUSH.He said maximum advantage of the funds available for various programme and workshop  should be taken.

Hon’ble President, in his presidential address stated that the teaching faculty must acquire and use latest technology for their day to day teaching. A teacher plays a very important role in the life of a student and therefore he must always inspire and motivate his student towards excellence in their achievements. The Vote of thanks was conducted by Dr.Shah Imtiyaz, lecturer Dept of Physiology.

Date: 20th October 2008, Day One:
Speaker: Prof.Ashar Qadir, HOD Kuliyat, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi.
Topics: Body fluids and its concept in Unani System of Medicine and Nutrition- Essentials of a diet, energy requirement, result of inadequate energy intake, constitution of normal diet, obesity.
A lot of information correlating Body fluids and its concept in Unani System of Medicine and on    Nutrition- Essentials of a diet, energy requirement, result of inadequate energy intake, constitution of normal diet, obesity was given.

Date: 21st October 2008, Day 2:
Speaker: Dr.V.G.Aundhkar, HOD Physiology, Govt Medical College, Lature
Topics: 1- Cardiac cycle, Electrocardiographic correlation of cardiac cycle.
2-Hearing mechanism and abnormalities of hearing.
He correlated the events of cardiac cycle with ECG in a very simple manner. Tips on simple methods of effectively conveying the details of ECG were given.
In the afternoon Session, Dr.Sunita Girish-Reader Dept of Biochemistry B.J.Medical College, Pune delivered an excellent   lecture on Assessment and Theory Evaluation. She explained all the points to be considered while evaluating the theory answer sheets.

Date: 22nd October 2008, Day 3:

Speaker: Dr V.G.Jaltade, Dept of Physiology, B.J.Medical College, Pune.
Topics: How to set MCQs and Cardiac Cycle.
He explained the finer aspects of setting of MCQ in the question paper. He stressed the need for discussion and brainstorming before the setting of the MCQs.He also gave a PPT presentation on animated Cardiac Cycle.
In the afternoon it was an interactive session of resource faculty with the participants. A lot of queries and problems related to the topic of day were discussed.

Date: 23rd October 2008, Day 4:

Speaker: Dr.Mrs Aundhkar: Lecturer Dept of Physiology BJ Medical College, Pune
Topic – Genetics- Introduction determination & sex differentiation, linked diseases and Optic pathway and its lesion, errors of refraction. She explained the topic with the help of PPT and OHP. Different lesions of optic pathway were explained in a very simple manner so that the lecturer could explain it to the students in the same manner.
In the afternoon session Dr.Jaleel from Dept of Kuliyat, Z.V.M.Unani Medical College, Pune delivered a lecture on Physiology and Umoor-e-Tabiya – a correlation and Physiological aspect of Mizaj.

Date: 24th October 2008, Day 5:

Speaker: Dr Kalpana Kulkarni-Reader Dept of Pathology, BJ Medical College, Pune.
Topic: Communication Skills.
She delivered a very good lecture on Communication skills. She gave very good tips on how to avoid repetitive statements and gestures during lecture and how to hold the interest of the class.
2nd Speaker: Dr.Anuradha Joshi-Reader Dept of Physiology, Bharti Vidya Peeth, Pune.
Topic: Neural control of respiration, Artificial respiration, principle and different methods of artificial respiration – A difficult topic was covered in a very simple manner making it easy to understand.
In afternoon session Rear Admiral Sharma conducted a workshop on cardio pulmonary resuscitation. Each delegate practiced CPR on mannequins. Admiral Sharma personally observed each delegate while they were practicing on mannequins. He showed different movies on first aids, and gave excellent information on the management of some emergencies like choking, internal bleeding, abdominal wound and amputation etc.

Date: 25th October 2008 - Day 6.

Speaker: Dr.Mrs Sunita Girish - Reader Dept of Biochemistry, BJ Medical College, Pune.
Topic: Mechanics of Paper setting. She explained the correct method of paper setting. She also cautioned against setting   practical based questions in the theory paper.
Speaker: Dr. Sayed Mehatab Ali, HOD Physiology Dept of Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi delivered a lecture on Immunity and auto immune disorders. He covered all the aspects of methods of study of Endocrine system and Hormone Assays in his lecture.
The ROTP concluded with a Valedictory Programme. Dr Mrs.Tanuja Manoj Nesari-HOD-Dept of Pharmacy, Tilak Ayuerveda College, Pune was the chief Guest. In her speech she stressed the need of interdisciplinary and Holistic approach towards the treatment of diseases. She expressed her desire to conduct workshops, symposiums in her college in association with Unani Faculty. She opined that interdisciplinary meetings with Ayuerveda and Unani Faculty must be held so that exchange of information and views can be done.

A Few delegates expressed their views regarding the programme.All the delegates were satisfied with the arrangements made for the ROTP.They felt that   the topics selected for ROTP were relevant to their subject and were beneficial. The Vote of thanks was conducted by Dr Ghazala Mulla.

Dr.Ghazala Mulla
Organizer, ROTP

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